Statement of Security Policy

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The company notifies upon this STATEMENT that it implements following actions, mentioned below, in scope of the Security Policy of Company:

Operational Security: Company strictly protects all own operational information, internal documents, including information related to Clients, to secure the securities of continuous, stable and long-run operations of the Company.

Information Security: The company do not unveil any information, data and documents, obtained due daily activities and service contract works, related to own shareholders, employees, and clients to third party, unless the law and contract dictates.

Social Responsibility: The company follow the Mongolian Constitution, and other laws in their activities, while condemning and abandoning any type of Corruptions, Racism, Fascism and Child labor.




The company carries out trainings of THIS POLICY for its all employees, according the plan approved by Management team of Company and outlines directives of execution upon it. All employees, including temporary and subcontractor’s employees, of Company must follow the Human Resource Policy within their work duties and responsibility, and inform the own managing personnel about all incidents and cases those violate THIS POLICY.




The Managing personnel, including Chief Engineer, must participate in activities related to THIS POLICY such as monitoring, collecting data, investigations of incidents, and carry out all preventive and necessary actions while reporting them to Management Team of Company.

Ground geophysics survey

G&DS LLC provides ground geophysical services in data acquisition, processing and interpretation. We carry out following survey methods of the ground 


Borehole geophysics survey

We carry out the borehole logging to get in-situ physical properties of surrounding formation of subsurface area with wide range of logging tools, in open and cased boreholes. 


Consulting Service

G&DS LLC provides, together with our professional partners, the consulting services for the energy, mineral exploration, environmental, geotechnical, ground water and mining investigations .


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