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Deviation logging records the  three dimensional geometry of the borehole. This log records the azimuthal direction (0-360 degree) and the inclination (0-90 degree) of the borehole over the depth of the borehole. Borehole deviation tools generally indicate direction to within -+2 degree, and inclination to within -+0.5 degree. The results of this log are used to correct the orientation of the fractures determined from the acoustic and optical imaging. Deviation has numerous applications in the ground water, mining, & engineering communities. Deviation sensors in televiewer probes allow us to record and save strike & dip of planar (fractures) features that intersect the borehole wall.

Ground geophysics survey

G&DS LLC provides ground geophysical services in data acquisition, processing and interpretation. We carry out following survey methods of the ground 


Borehole geophysics survey

We carry out the borehole logging to get in-situ physical properties of surrounding formation of subsurface area with wide range of logging tools, in open and cased boreholes. 


Consulting Service

G&DS LLC provides, together with our professional partners, the consulting services for the energy, mineral exploration, environmental, geotechnical, ground water and mining investigations .


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