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Historically, IP logging has been used to detect disseminated pyrite in sedimentary rocks. In uranium roll-front deposits there is sometimes a higher concentration of pyrite on the reduced side of the roll, when compared to the oxidized side; IP may be used to distinguish these geochemical depositional systems. In coals seams, IP logs have been used to detect pyrite and other ferrous material. Montmorillonite clay is found in reducing sedimentary depositional systems and yields an IP response. Detection of sulfides in igneous and metamorphic rocks can be done with IP logs. ALT has improved the measurement of this basic phenomenon of charge separation in rocks that occurs when an external voltage is applied and created the new QL40-IP tool and IPWAVE browser for MATRIX users. Users can configure 10 time windows during chargeability relaxation curve to characterize IP response for a particular application.

Ground geophysics survey

G&DS LLC provides ground geophysical services in data acquisition, processing and interpretation. We carry out following survey methods of the ground 


Borehole geophysics survey

We carry out the borehole logging to get in-situ physical properties of surrounding formation of subsurface area with wide range of logging tools, in open and cased boreholes. 


Consulting Service

G&DS LLC provides, together with our professional partners, the consulting services for the energy, mineral exploration, environmental, geotechnical, ground water and mining investigations .


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