This tool can be used as an alternative porosity / permeability estimate tool when radioactive source tools cannot be used. The tool is used in engineering stufiies & foundation analysis, and tube-wave amplitde logs from the tool are used to delineate permeable zones. * Ability to record long wave train for Stonely wave analysis and the measurement of fracture aperature and permeabilty index. * The absolute value of the amplitude of the received waveform is measureable thus allowing for amplitude calibration. * Truly modular: other receiver and/or transmiter combinations possible up to 8 receivers and two transmitters. FEATURES: * Real-time slowness, amplitude and VDL plotting * User-defined waveform window * Full waveform analysis, including: * first arrival repicking * waveform filtering * stand-off correction * mechanical property calculations * velocity analysis * trace coherence analysis * reflected tube-wave analysis. * semblance processing * Individual waveform pair plotting * Well Completion Evaluation